Check Engine Light

Check Engine Light

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Why is your check engine light on or going off and on periodically? Computer sends signal from different sensors throughout the engine, exhaust and intake components to keep the vehicle running at its optimum condition. A few of the components that might be causing the problem might be the oxygen sensor, a missing gas cap, catalytic convertor, mass airflow sensor, spark plugs and spark plug wires. This triggers the check engine light to be on as an indicator of the problem.

Fixing the problem could benefit you by:
  • Better fuel economy
  • Reduced chance of damage to other components
  • More efficient engine running temperature
  • Optimum running performance
Engine Light

Specializing in Engine Light Diagnostic

At Valley Auto Repair, you'll be treated right. We'll diagnose your engine light problem, and we have you on the road in no time. By fixing your problem as soon as you notice your engine light on will help you to save money on fuel. Your car will run the way it was intended and will reduce your chance of damaging other components important to your automobile.

Other Warning Lights

The other warning lights are also important to the safety of your passengers and the vehicle. Make sure to take notice if you have any warning light on. You may be able to correct the problem yourself with a little investigation. 

If you cannot solve the issue come to us for proper auto diagnostics. You may need our help in fixing your auto problem.
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