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Q) What can I do to my vehicle to make It last longer?

A) The maintenance recommended by the factory in your owner's manual is probably the most important thing an owner can follow to ensure the longevity of the car or light truck. It is recommended to keep up with all the various fluid changes.

The mileage or time intervals for service can vary significantly between different makes and models, so it is important to consult your vehicle's specific manual. If you don't have the owner's manual for your car or light truck, you can come to us as we have the access to that information.

Q) What is a fuel system service and why does my car need it?

A) With the present fuel-injected vehicles, carbon is a big problem. Carbon tends to build up around and on the throttle body, intake and exhaust valves, pistons and intake manifold. These unwanted buildups can cause several problems. A quality fuel system service removes the unwanted carbon from these areas, eliminating sticking throttles, idle problems and even misfires.

Q) Why should I be concerned about my "check engine" light? 

A) Your check engine light is turned on when your vehicle's engine computer detects a problem with the vehicle that has the potential to increase emissions. As a rule of thumb, if your emissions increase, your fuel mileage decreases. Another consideration is the fact that there is only one check engine light on your car and it can light up for many different reasons. 

So even if you have found that it is on for an "insignificant" problem right now, you may have a more significant problem develop in the future and you'll be unaware until it's rechecked with a computer scanner. Your only warning may be the check engine light and it was already on for the previous problem. So you have the potential to be stacking problems with your vehicle if you're driving around with the check engine light on. 
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